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At Pascal Industries we are more than just machining. Design, Testing & Manufacturing of standard and custom products are what we do everyday.

Pascal Industries takes pride in being a Made In Singapore brand, designing and manufacturing all parts in-house in our Tuas manufacturing plant in Singapore. Pascal Industries focuses on providing solutions to customers through the products in fluid control and instrumentation. In the fluid control field, Pascal Industries’ expertise lays in the medium (20,000 psi) and high (60,000 psi) pressure fluid components manufacturing group. Pascal Industries also applies this knowledge to our lower pressure group – down to 6,000 psi – with pipe and tube fittings manufacturing group. Pascal Industries’ instrumentation line is a mature product group which has been specified by clients globally. Pascal Industries’ instrumentation products range from vacuum to 60,000 psi.

Pascal Industries invests heavily in providing custom solutions in the above areas of expertise to our clients to solve problems through innovation, quality and a core value of ‘Good enough is never good enough’.

Pascal Industries Introduction
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All products come with Pascal's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click here to find out more.

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