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PCBV Series

Ball Valves

PCBV Series

Series Features

Pascal Industries PCBV Series 2-way ball valve offers superior and reliable fluid flow control. Our quarter turn from open to close position provides a full port flow path, to maximize flow rate and minimize pressure drop. Pascal PCBV Series 2-way ball valve is designed and manufactured using a one piece stem design, to eliminates shear failure and the effects of side loading.

  • 316 Stainless Steel modular construction

  • 3/8” Bore Size as standard on all valves

  • Re-torqueable seat glands to prolong seat life

  • One-piece stem design eliminates shear failure and reduces the effects of side loading

  • PEEK seats are used for chemicals, heat and wear or abrasion resistance

  • Quarter turn from open to close position.

  • Optional O-rings available for high temperature applications.

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