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TBL Series


TBL Series

Series Features

Pascal Industries offers a complete line of annealed, seamless stainless steel tubing designed to meet the performance requirements of Pascal Industries Tube Fittings. Pascal Industries Instrumentation Grade tubing is provided in lengths of 20 feet (6 meters). Pascal Industries offers various sizes of tubing and is available in a variety of lengths upon request.

  • Dual Certified Austenitic 316 Stainless Steel (Other Materials available)

  • Annealed Instrumentation Grade Tubing

  • Complies to PTS-138 / Exceeds ASTM A269 Standard (SS316/L)

  • Chemically Cleaned and Passivated

  • Available in sizes from 3mm to 25mm OD

  • Metric sizes available

  • Minimum 2.5% Molybdenum by Weight (SS316/L)

  • Good resistance to attacks in acidic environments

  • Good resistance to pitting in neutral chloride-bearing solutions

  • Good resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking

  • Good weldability

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